Ultraviolet and Infrared Solutions

We have a long experience with different solutions that take advantage of infrared or ultraviolet radiation. Our company has been operating since 1977.

Today we design and manufacture bespoke industrial infrared radiant heat systems, which are tailored fully to meet the customer’s requirements, and always on a turn-key basis. Our range of products also features UV-C lamps, as well as designing and manufacturing of systems that are based on such lamps.


- UV cleaning systems for kitchens and UV-C lamps for kitchen exhausts

- For exhaust we offer such lamps as e.g. Heraeus NIQ170/90XL, NIQ200/120XL, NIQ290/155XL 

  more efficient lamps are available as well.

Our product range also includes complete UV systems for kitchens; these systems are delivered

in a working condition, and installed into new and retrofitting applications.

Our cooperation partner and client, Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, is one of the world’s leaders in the field of infrared and ultraviolet lamps.

Together with our client we have the capacity and skills to develop and manufacture challenging IR and UV systems.


UV-C, Ultraviolet lamps and applications for purification of air and disinfection of surfaces


IR, Infrared emitters, power control units and completed IR modules