Air treatment



Kitchen UV /UV-C purification systems and UV lamps for kitchen exhausts.
The range features complete Heraeus Refit models as well as replacement lams for existing exhausts.
Our collection of lamp models includes Heraeus NIQ170/90XL, NIQ200/120XL and NIQ290/155XL lamps
You are welcome to ask for more information about different lamp versions!

Clean, fresh air is a vital requirement for people and for animals. Air that is largely free of germs is needed not just in industrial environments or assembly workshops, but also in areas with particularly high loads of pollutants, such as airfields, hospitals, operating theatres, shopping centres, cinema theatres and other heavily frequented areas.

UV radiation ensures healthy air with a low germ content, and improves the hygiene and storage conditions in the pharmaceutical and in the food processing industry. Microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, yeast and mould fungi in the air can easily contaminate raw materials and spoil foodstuff. UV radiation reduces air impurities in a reliable fashion.

Short-wave UV radiation in particular has a high bactericidal effect. The radiation is absorbed by the DNA of microorganisms, destroying their structure and preventing cell activation.

Contaminated, polluted air can be disinfected in intake air ducts in order to ensure that clean air is supplied to processing and packaging facilities, warehouses and large halls. This application uses only ozone-free UV-C lamps. The ozone producing radiation (VUV) is filtered out by the special quartz glass coating of the lamp tube. This process fulfils the hygiene requirements of RLT systems. (VDI 6022).

UV light and its application

UV light at the wavelength of 254 nm disinfects, destroying DNA of bacteria, viruses, moulds and rendering them harmless. The areas of application UV lamps from Heraeus Noblelight include, e.g.:  
  • The food processing and pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospitals, doctors' surgeries, laboratories, clean rooms, storage facilities, offices with and without air conditioning systems, heavily frequented areas such as airports, theatres, etc.
  • Livestock stables
  • HVAC systems, e.g. disinfection of filters used in cooling coils and air ducts of air conditioning systems

UV lamps installed in a ventilation system

Benefits of Heraeus UV lamps:
  • Safe and reliable disinfection of premises
  • Efficient protection against pathogens and spores
  • High-performance technology: optimised yield of 254 nm UV-C radiation (extremely efficient disinfection wavelength range)
  • The low space requirements facilitates retrofitting into existing ventilation systems.
  • Easy handling
Purification of air requires individual UV treatment, because contaminants, pollutants and the level of pollution varies from case to case. The selection of the UV lamps used depends on the volume and speed of the air flows in the system, as well as the temperature and the degree of purification required. UV lamps may be installed only by a qualified specialist.